Thursday, May 11, 2017

Factors affecting performance and capacity in Project Server 2013

Entity Description/Notes Small Medium Large
Projects   20 100 5000
Project Sites   20 100 5000
% Projects in Managed Mode   0% 10% 80%
Tasks   1250 25000 1250000
Average Tasks Per Project   62.5 250 250
Task Transaction History The number of times status tends to be submitted and approved for any given task 10 10 100
Assignments   1625 32500 1625000
Average Assignments Per Task   1.3 1.3 1.3
Average Tasks per My Site User   50 250 5000
Approvals Pending updates per manager 5 50 600
Resources   50 1000 10000
Average Resources Per Project   2.5 10 20
Average Assignments Per Resource   32.5 32.5 162.5
Users   50 1000 10000
Calendars   3 26 100
Issues   20 400 20000
Risks   20 400 20000
Deliverables   20 800 40000
Enterprise Project Types     5 50
Workflows     2 30
Average Projects Per Workflow     50 167
Phases     5 50
Phases Per Enterprise Project Type     20 20
Stages     15 150
Stages Per Workflow     20 40
PDPs     10 100
Custom Fields Per PDP     10 10
Number of Departments       100
Average Projects Per Department       50
Average Resources Per Department       100
Timesheets Per Year The more you utilize timesheets, the more resource demands will be placed on SQL Server. 2600 52000 780000
Status Reports Per Year     26000 260000

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Social features - SP 2013

Social features Foundation 2013 Server 2013—Std  Server 2013—Enterprise
Ask Me About No Yes Yes
Blogs Yes Yes Yes
Communities Reputation, Badging, and Moderation No Yes Yes
Community Yes Yes Yes
Company Feed Yes Yes Yes
Follow No Yes Yes
Microblogging No Yes Yes
Newsfeed No Yes Yes
One Click Sharing No Yes Yes
People, Sites, Document Recommendations No Yes Yes
Personal Site No Yes Yes
Photos and Presence Yes Yes Yes
Profile No Yes Yes
Ratings No Yes Yes
Site Feed Yes Yes Yes
Skydrive Pro Yes Yes Yes
Tag profiles No Yes Yes
Tasks integrated with Outlook No Yes Yes
Trending Tags No Yes Yes
Wikis Yes Yes Yes

Sites features - SP 2013

Sites features Foundation 2013 Server 2013—Std  Server 2013—Enterprise
Change the look Yes Yes Yes
Connections to Microsoft Office Clients Yes Yes Yes
Cross Browser Support Yes Yes Yes
Custom Managed Paths Yes Yes Yes
Governance Yes Yes Yes
Large List Scalability and Management Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Connectivity Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Lingual User Interface Yes Yes Yes
My Tasks Yes Yes Yes
OOTB Web Parts Yes Yes Yes
Permissions Management Yes Yes Yes
Project functionality for team sites Yes Yes Yes
Project site template Yes Yes Yes
Project Summary web part Yes Yes Yes
Project workspace Yes Yes Yes
Public Website (SPO) N/A (SharePoint Online only) N/A (SharePoint Online only) N/A (SharePoint Online only)
SharePoint Lists Yes Yes Yes
SharePoint Ribbon Yes Yes Yes
Task list Yes Yes Yes
Team Site: Drag & Drop Yes Yes Yes
Team Site: Notebook Yes Yes Yes
Team Site: Simplified Access Yes Yes Yes
Templates Yes Yes Yes
Themes Yes Yes Yes
Work Management Service Yes Yes Yes
Usage Analytics Yes Yes Yes

Insights features SP 2013

Content features - SP 2013 comparision

Content features Foundation 2013 Server 2013—Std Server 2013—Enterprise
Accessibility Standards Support Yes Yes Yes
Asset Library Enhancements/Video Support Yes Yes Yes
Auditing No Yes Yes
Auditing & Reporting (e.g. doc edits, policy edits, deletes) No Yes Yes
Auditing of View Events No Yes Yes
Content Organizer No Yes Yes
Design Manager Yes Yes Yes
Document Sets No Yes Yes
Document Translation in Word Web App Yes1 Yes1 Yes1
eDiscovery No No Yes
External Sharing: External Access No No No
External Sharing: Guest Link No No No
Folder Sync No Yes Yes
Information Rights Management (IRM) No Yes Yes
In-Place Hold Yes Yes Yes
Managed Metadata Service No Yes Yes
Metadata-driven Navigation No Yes Yes
Multi-stage Disposition No Yes Yes
Office ProPlus (Osub) No No No
Office Web Apps (edit) Yes1 Yes1 Yes1
Office Web Apps (view) Yes1 Yes1 Yes1
Office Web Apps Server integration Yes Yes Yes
PowerPoint Automation Services No Yes Yes
Preservation hold library No No Yes
Quick Edit Yes Yes Yes
Related Items Yes Yes Yes
Rich Media Management No Yes Yes
Shared Content Types No Yes Yes
SharePoint Translation Services No3 Yes Yes
Site mailbox No Yes2 Yes2
Unique Document IDs No Yes Yes
Video Search No No Yes
WCM: Analytics No Yes Yes
WCM: Catalog No No Yes
WCM: Cross-site publishing No No Yes
WCM: Designer Tools No Yes Yes
WCM: Faceted navigation No No Yes
WCM: Image Renditions No No Yes
WCM: Mobile and Device Rendering No Yes Yes
WCM: Multiple Domains No No Yes
WCM: OOTB Recommendations Webparts No Yes Yes
WCM: Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) No Yes Yes
WCM: Topic Pages No No Yes
Word Automation Services No Yes Yes


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